shark conservation

Sharks: among the world's most threatened vertebrates

The results of the IUCN analysis confirm that the world’s 1,041 shark, skate, ray and chimaera species are among its most threatened animals. An estimated one quarter of all species are threatened and only one third considered safe (a smaller proportion than any other vertebrate group). The largest, most charismatic shallow water species, including Angelsharks, Thresher Sharks and Sawfishes, are under greatest threat.

Shark cull: Greg Hunt exempts WA from laws protecting species at risk

Environment minister clears way for trapping and killing of the sharks with baited hooks, saying it's in the national interest

Greg Hunt, the environment minister, has helped clear the way for a controversial shark cull in Western Australia by exempting it from federal legislation designed to protect threatened species.

Faithful as a Mother Shark

A study published Dec. 5 in the journal Molecular Ecology reports that female lemon sharks are homebodies, returning year after year, decade after decade, to have their babies in the sheltered nurseries where they themselves were born — the mangrove-lined shallows of Bimini, the Bahamas.

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