Sharks: among the world's most threatened vertebrates

The results of the IUCN analysis confirm that the world’s 1,041 shark, skate, ray and chimaera species are among its most threatened animals. An estimated one quarter of all species are threatened and only one third considered safe (a smaller proportion than any other vertebrate group). The largest, most charismatic shallow water species, including Angelsharks, Thresher Sharks and Sawfishes, are under greatest threat.

Shark cull: Greg Hunt exempts WA from laws protecting species at risk

Environment minister clears way for trapping and killing of the sharks with baited hooks, saying it's in the national interest

Greg Hunt, the environment minister, has helped clear the way for a controversial shark cull in Western Australia by exempting it from federal legislation designed to protect threatened species.

CITES gateway on sharks and rays

The CITES Secretariat launched  a Web section on sharks and manta rays to assist the 179 Parties to the Convention in putting in place effective measures to control international trade in the newly listed species. Parties now have less than 10 months before they must start regulating international trade in  the oceanic whitetip shark (

Success in Implementing CMS Agreement on Sharks: European Parliament Votes for Finning Ban

Bonn, 22 November 2012 - With today’s vote of the European Parliament to close loopholes in the European Union's shark finning ban, a milestone in shark conservation has been achieved. After more than six years of intense debate, the EU has put an end to the practice of removing shark fins from the carcasses to be stored separately on board under a fin-to-carcass weight limit.

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